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[Ep. 2] Academic Review: Asset Pricing In Digital Assets

In this episode, we review an academic essay from the University Of Bremen, Germany on digital asset pricing.

Citation: Travis Patron (mail:, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 2] Academic Review: Asset Pricing In Digital Assets (35:41),, bitcoin: bc1qdl2kaw2rhc4y9hl2sfwrykrcddgmu3j6c80y8h

The essay in question is Asset Pricing In Digital Assets, which is part of a research series entitled Diginomics Research Perspectives: The Role Of Digitalization in Business and Society (first published online September 11th, 2022).

Thank you for joining us as The World Institute Of Diginomics continues to study the science of digital law.

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if one could create a trade bot that wins more than fifty percent of the time with a goal of trading for profit and gaining cypto and what not or what ever asset you wanted there is great operitunities for new investors to invest in low portions and trade up we should learn to trade and grow weather the market shrinks or expands

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