[Ep. 1] Introducing The World Institute Of Diginomics

In this inaugural episode, we establish the nature of our work and fair use policies relating to it.

Citation: Travis Patron (, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 1] Introducing The World Institute Of Diginomics (18:50),, bitcoin:bc1qsx6u0sns694esucx79xeqfl0ckftm9kdwjevnp

Today we are introducing an academic journal relating to the ongoing developments within the digital economy. With this weekly review, we will analyze the all-encompassing transition to an age of totally electronic commerce and communication.

As part of this project, we are making every episode of this journal available to the public free of charge.

This is a scientific periodical with the purpose of introducing new audiences to the concept of diginomics and furthering the development of existing enthusiasts. This transition to a new economic paradigm is fundamental in its approach and has the potential to disrupt a wide range of industries.

We use a bitcoin address unique to each episode for identification purposes (the corresponding private key of the address can be used to identify the owner).

We hope you join us every week to tune in as we review the age of diginomics!

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