[Ep. 7] Diginomic Network Architecture: Structuralism

An analysis of the relationship between the nodes of any particular network.

Citation: Travis Patron (, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 7] Diginomic Network Architecture: Structuralism (28:53),, bitcoin: bc1qemnes877vfkwv888zywgjk5u2syuxj4laglx8h

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Liked some of the visuals it’s a start but could still use some work what else you guys been up to

Well, networks can be complex or simple depending on how many variables you put in them. Permeating factors need to be taken into account with your premise of information and also supernatural beings alien sentient ai or any other disruptive forces for the implications of this effect on people’s digital goods on the market and their value over time.

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