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[Ep. 3] Academic Review: Diginomics Introductory Masterclass

Citation: Travis Patron (, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 3] Academic Review: Diginomics Introductory Masterclass (45:03),, bitcoin: bc1qcqk9gdpvc7hg89qnhjrj6dkrzqtfenzefeqguj

Diginomics Introductory Masterclass

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In regard to the author’s suggestion that there exists an inverse correlation between access to information and incentive to innovate, we suggest that it is more accurately defined as the redeeming quality of the information that sustains the will to power. As mentioned in the review, this concept is known as gnosticism – the belief that salvation can be achieved through the use of uncommon knowledge.

Merely making information more accessible does not necessarily correlate with a diminished (or heightened) incentive to innovate. If it is to be redeeming, knowledge must be personalized, and in this regard, digital protocols for sharing and attributing ownership of information can help to stimulate intelligent work.

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