[Ep. 6] Diginomic Network Architecture: Singularism

Singularity is the state of a social collective existing harmoniously, unified by a common identity.

Citation: Travis Patron (, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 6] Diginomic Network Architecture: Singularism (29:08),, bitcoin: bc1qud3mjqhkn76yrrqdfgea3knasfl9j70vmvg0r3

Marginal Note: This episode was re-recorded with minor changes due to audio-technical issues in the original.

4 replies on “[Ep. 6] Diginomic Network Architecture: Singularism”

hi travis clayton here great work it keep up the videos you using your own host for this website it loads verily quick

that was a physics or chemistry lecture it sounded like but good on you for relating that to people society and the like. If it were only that simple but I find that relationships to be more complicated than that. There is the positive the negative the anti positive and the anti negative and of course the neutral and both positive and negative at the same time. Than there is noise and randomness and the influence of the supernatural.

This is a worthwhile observation and I’m glad you could contribute your thoughts to this concept. It is important not to miss the various relationships between positive and negative as well as their inverse and opposites. The supernatural is that which is yet to be understood by the conscious mind.

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