[Ep. 5] Diginomic Network Architecture: Concordance

Citation: Travis Patron (, The World Institute Of Diginomics; [Episode 5] Diginomic Network Architecture: Concordance (30:58),, bitcoin: bc1q78ga0wckc4ehaksstxr5kjsjys4y42x3ujhcl2


Carl Jung; The Structure of the Unconscious, (1916)

2 replies on “[Ep. 5] Diginomic Network Architecture: Concordance”

well that was interesting keep up the good work but maybe add more pictures videos and other media to keep the dryness out of the presentation

diginomic network effect what a mouthful I am learning lot from these videos where does the people that don’t know very much about computer stand in this new economy do they stand to drop out of existence as the new generation takes over also why are so many women refusing to have kids

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